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About Production Brokers, llc is an Oklahoma based corporation that was originally conceptualized design and build By founder and CEO in 2013 and was posted live for beta testing purposes in 2015 to see how well the website platform could perform by aggressively marketing the website using all forms of effective internet relayed marketing and advertising techniques that included  many forms whereby proved to be very effective platform to conduct business on daily as it offered  and will continue to offer in the near future a one stop shop web based platform unique to the marketplace, offering multiple service with its primary service being the fully automated auction platform to buy and sell on line heavy equipment associated with commercial construction, oil and gas and overall energy sector as well as other types of business that also deal in purchasing or selling  equipment, cars, trucks, and/or products. Unlike the competitors has and will continue to offer multiple categories and service such as a one stop shop such as:

Online Listing Service
Online Auction
Bank Owned REO
Full Service Directory
Advertising Platform
Negotiated Sales
Classified Ad Service

All services being fully automated and user friendly. The beta test of the older version that was posted as a fully functional and well tested website under the registered trade name The website is under construction with an all new look and feel that will offer added services and features to benefit to our loyal clients and users.

The new revised and improved website will be back online and fully functional for you to access and use on or before November 1st 2022 . It may be necessary to RE-register by clicking on the free registration whereby your information from previous may already exist. Please re-visit our all new and improved website listing and auction service platform on November 1st 2022 to see the newly added features that we believe are worth the wait and will set us apart from all competition making us your Preferred secure on-line listing and auction service platform that you can use daily to conduct business improvements to the web based auction and services platform that is under construction can be accessed as are target date on November 1st 2022 .

Founder and CEO Ed Martin thanks all of our valued clients and users.

Short background in CEO Mr. Martin owning and operating multiple business has allowed Mr. Martin the privilege of gaining extensive knowledge in business brokerage, consulting with his primary focus being on facilitating acquisitions, mergers and divestment and as a facilitating party or broker to many successful transactions that include, commercial real estate, oil and gas related assets, equipment sales, whereby Mr Martin is actively involved in facilitating acquisitions , mergers and divestments as he has for over past  27 years. To see Mr. Martin’s full bio go to Ed Martin, OKC LinkedIn .