The Standard Wireline Unit is design for general light duty well servicing operations.  Not limited to bottom-hole pressure/temperature surveys, operations include: choke work papaffin work & hole deviation surveys. All equipment is mounted on base plate w/drip rail.Drum assembly capacity 15,000' of .092"18,000' of .082"21,000' of .072"Drum material - Non-cast all steel Brake assembly - Single wide band Brake control - Operator adjusting handle Power drive assembly - 9 HP Power supply - Gasoline engine
Transmission:  3 speed forward- one reverse
Speed control:  Hydraulic speed control while going in the hole
Diesel Engine
Condition: Used - Like New
Location: Broken Arrow, OK
Date created: 07/15/2015


You are viewing Cardwell KB-500 Crown Assemblies/Sheaves for sale by Pickett Oilfield. Crown Sheaves/Assemblies are in good used condition.
Condition: Used - Good
Location: Shreveport, LA
Date created: 04/24/2015
Price: $6,000
In-Line Pulsation Stabilizer

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Condition: New
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Date created: 07/16/2015
Date created: 02/03/2016

Marsh Fork District
48 NMA
$1700/acre or OBO

Date created: 10/30/2015
Date created: 02/16/2016

Camden District
64.5 acres

Date created: 11/03/2015
Price: $180,600
Date created: 02/24/2016
Date created: 11/16/2015
Price: $359,700
Date created: 03/17/2016
Price: $475,000