Rebuilt Tesco 250 Ton EMI Top Drive.

Email for pricing & information.

Condition: Refurbished
Location: Le Marque, TX
Date created: 07/16/2015
diesel engine


Condition: New
Location: Houston, TX
Date created: 04/24/2015
Price: $44,000
Used Gardner Denver/Ajax Q300-BS vertical quintuplex pump with Alten AQ-300 gearbox, ratio 4.44:1, high pressure aluminum bronze fluid end, 1 5/8" plungers, 4" suction, 3" discharge, 81 gpm, 5150 psi, 360 rpm.
Condition: Used - Very Good
Date created: 07/16/2015


Condition: New
Location: Turkey
Date created: 04/24/2015
Price: $555,000

Quantity: Four 

Condition: New
Location: Clinton, OK
Date created: 07/21/2015
Price: $125,000

40 Cases, 4x4x4 (12 = 1 Case) of steel cased piping. Multi Purpose, threaded on both ends.

Condition: New
Location: Chester, Oklahoma
Date created: 02/28/2015
Price: $24,070


Delaval Speed Increaser. 1750 H.P. Input: 1780 RPM

 Output: 12,213

Condition: Used - Good
Location: South Louisiana
Date created: 04/24/2015
Price: $3,250

Siemens KW100CU. 100KW - 100,000W. 50 Tons, 480,000BTU, 50KW RUNNING, 1,250 LRAMPS. 

We currently have 6 on hand. Price is PER UNIT.

Condition: New
Location: Woodward, Oklahoma
Date created: 02/28/2015
Price: $125,000


Pumpin sub w 4" flanges, Bowen 4" m/f connection, 1002 x 4" side pumpin connections (10k)
Flange to male Bowen connection with cap can also be lubricator tree cap
Condition: Used - Very Good
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Date created: 04/24/2015
Price: $3,300

The company currently for sale has been doing business as a quality service provider for
over 25 years. The sale price includes the ongoing business, equipment, inventory,
supplies, experienced employment, client list, accounts receivable, real estate visible
from I-40 that will include 7 acres (MOL) of Land with 11,000 sq ft (MOL) Office, Showroom,
Warehouse Building, Including a separate 5ac (MOL) Gravel pit area located due S.E of
main building estimated 2,000 ft from main building (see aerial graphic)

For more information, to view more photos, or to view financial information, please email: or

Condition: Used - Like New
Location: Okemah, OK
Date created: 05/13/2015
Price: $2,500,000